Why do I wander?


Life is big. It is beautiful, brief and precious.  I am a big believer in living a life full of heart, chasing your wildest dreams and truly embracing wanderlust and the desire to go, make a memory. Ever since I was a child, I have been in awe of this world, this big, beautiful, diverse world.  And I have contemplated its beauty at every turn, even in my early youth, documenting these thoughts in journals, countless journals, with the image that one day my grandchildren would read those journals and be inspired to take action, to pursue adventure and, maybe, stop to think, wow, grandma was pretty rad.

Over the years my life has taken me to some pretty incredible places, from living in Hong Kong and negotiating production in Chinese factories at the ripe age of 22, thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail (yep, all 2,176 miles in one straight shot), road tripping across Ireland, evaluating human rights conditions in fields of Morocco and soaking in the beautiful madness of Venezuela (just to name a few), I have captured some unique glimpses of reality.  So in an effort to send some of these moments back out into the universe, and hopefully inspire someone beyond my grandchildren (who knows if I will even have them), I have decided to share.

In my most humble form of expression, I share with you my words, my perspective of brief moments that have existed in my lifetime, that have inspired me and uplifted my heart, taken my breath away and truly shocked me.  I share these words, these thoughts and ideas with an open heart, to encourage action, ideas and ignite the flame of wonder within those who read them.

So why do I wander?  Because I believe a beautiful story lies around every corner yet unexplored, and with the life I lead I intend to write a damn good story.  I wander because stories unfold naturally when we are willing to get up and go, when we decide to seek an adventure, when we say hello to that stranger, when we offer help to those who look as though they are in need, when we take the time to look around and acknowledge the beauty of our surroundings.  I wander because I meet beautiful souls in my travels, I make lifelong connections and find fellowship in the community that embraces me no matter where in the world I happen to be. I wander because nothing makes me feel more alive than peering into the unknown.  Why do you wander?

2 thoughts on “Why do I wander?

  1. Greta, you are a lovely inspiration!!! Your wisdom belies your years. You wander — and land — with so much heart, soul and intelligence. Thank you for being you!
    P.S. I went to Lower Moreland High School, Class of ’74, like your Mom! I’ve been living in Paris for nearly 23 years and will visit you again when I need to be reminded of what matters most!

    • Kim- wow thank you so much for the beautiful and encouraging words! I deeply appreciate your taking some time to wander with me and hope that my stories create positive ripples. I love that we are in some way connected through the generations, and although I haven’t spent much time there, the 24 hours I had in Paris once upon a time ago were absolute magic. There is a lot to be inspired by there ❤ stay well and I'll look forward to seeing you around! xo

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